Motion Graphics - Animated Album Cover

My band Arms For Elephants recently released a new album. I wanted to breathe some life into the still album cover by animating it. I created this looping animation (used as an advertisement for the album) using a combination of Blender, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I also created sound effects for the seaside atmosphere and rocks breaking apart using Ableton Live and Audacity.


The LaserArc is a futuristic-looking device that I'm currently developing. What you see in the video below is a prototype. I 3D printed this using my own 3D printer. I also programmed the firmware from scratch. This can be used as a musical instrument (it has MIDI output) and can also be used as a control input for music video games. The input from the laser could actually be used for anything! If you want to stay updated about this project, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

TTT Nuclear Power

Featured by famous YouTube streamers such as PewDiePie and FunhausNuclear Power is a large-scale map (or level) that I created using Valve's Source Engine.  I created this for a game called Garry's Mod. Specifically it's designed for the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode (hence the "TTT" in the name). It has 250,000+ downloads and is a well-known map for this game.

Concert Technology - Arms For Elephants

I created an automated light show (with pyro fog effects) to go along with my band's live performance. I developed my own unique solution for this by using Ableton Live, LoopMIDI, QLC+, DMX-controlled lights, and the Novation Launchpad as the control surface (or HMI). MIDI notes are actually triggering the lighting and effects cues via Ableton Live, as well as driving the animation shown on the Launchpad!

Snowball Thrower VR

Snowball Thrower VR is a short proof-of-concept Virtual Reality game that I created using Unreal Engine 4. You have 60 seconds to hit as many targets as possible! Get a bullseye and make Owen Wilson proud! The falling snowflakes look realistic and careful work was done to get the snowballs to look, feel, and even sound realistic when you are throwing them or handling them. I love VR physics!

Flappy Bird: Source

It’s Flappy Bird… BUT, I created this by using Valve's Source Engine and did it without writing a single line of code. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could make a full 2D game using a 3D game engine and only the designer tools for the Source Engine. It’s all packaged neatly into a map file. I won a “Frustrating Map Contest” by making this. Great things can be done if you know how to use your tools properly!

Motion Graphics - Shiny Orb Music Visualizer

I love making things that react to music! I'm able to create animated 3D models with fancy shaders that change their shape to music. For the video below, I used Blender to create and render the orb and did further compositing using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.